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Server Rules and Information

Post by Smokie » Wed Apr 26, 2017 3:56 am

Greetings All and Welcome To A Random Place!
This post will serve as a collection of all the rules, info, and pretty much anything you need to know about the SSHouse LiF:YO Server.

Server Info
*Current settings are: 3000/1900/800 Max Skillcap, 50x Skill Multiplier, 8x Tree Growth, 100 Animal Count, and 3hr Day Cycle. No Decay or JH currently.
*The server was started 4/19/17, current map is fresh as of 4/18/2020.
*We use the custom TerraTool map Wishbone.
*Tradepost Mod Enabled!
*Regional Recipe Requirements Removed.
*Custom Weather, shorter winters with 48 hour crop growth all year.
*Set Character Limit, currently 2 characters per account.
*Negative random events removed.
*Forest Quality mean average increased and rebalanced.
*Animal Edits: Reduced grouse and hare spawn rate, normalized quality of spawns.
*Edited Skills: Uproot and Shaping cast time reduced to 2 seconds, Prayer of Homecoming cooldown reduced from 30 minutes to 15 seconds with cast time increased to 15 seconds, Praise your God cooldown reduced, Sawing cast times reduced to 2.5 seconds at skill level 100.

*No Spamming, Trolling, Or Harassment (Harassment includes griefing, defined as killing the same player(s) repeatedly, purely for amusement).
*We are a Light Role Play server (LRP), full commitment to role playing is not required however actions should have RP in mind.
*Offensive names will be changed.

Random tips to help keep the server clean and the lag down.
*Uproot stumps, the global uproot time has be reduced to 2 seconds to help.
*Refrain from planting overly dense forests, leave at least a gap of 1 tile between them (tree walls will be removed).
*Avoid massive unnecessary dirt/rock piles. Dirt/soil can be destroyed in a kiln or bloomery. Simply add the dirt/soil while its lit, then add another item after to make the dirt/soil disappear. Rocks can be crafted into stone ammo or shaped rock with a pickaxe and dropped (Shaping time has be reduced to help).

Join us in Discord at

Any suggestions or things you'd like added?
Please message Smokie!